What to Expect During Consultation and Upon Hiring

​When you contact JUST WRITE, you will be greeted in a professional and friendly manner. You can be assured, whether you are contacting us for a one-time notary service or an uncontested divorce, you will treated as we would want to be treated. 

The next steps will depend on our initial phone consultation. Should you need a notary, a public place will be our meeting area unless you have a closing or something of this nature where our presence is needed. You will be instructed on what documents, identification, etc. you will need to provide. 

Should you have a divorce or something of this nature to discuss, a semi-private, yet still public place will be agreed upon to commence business. At this time, we do not have an official office to meet. 

*Please instruct us should you have special Covid requirements. 

Over 10 Years of Experience

​Serving the State of Louisiana for over 10 years while offering an array of Notary and Paralegal services

Notary Notes